About Us

McCoy Bolt Works, founded in 1948, is located in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  The company originated as a machine and welding shop supporting International Harvester’s Ft. Wayne operations.  In the 1970’s, McCoy began manufacturing U-Bolts for Harvester, and subsequently became the sole supplier of suspension U-bolts to Navistar in the 1980’s.  Every OEM Truck and Trailer supplier in North America either currently uses or has used McCoy suspension U-bolts.  By the turn of the century, McCoy had organically grown a 50% market share among OEM truck manufacturers.

Over several decades, McCoy worked with OEM Truck Manufacturers and Steel Producers to develop a proprietary micro-alloy steel that meets all industry standards including SAE J429 Grade 8 and SAE J429 Grade 8.1.